Parent login problem - my.scouting reset hangs

I have a parent that can’t access their scoutbook account. MID 14184985 / UID 12388249.

When they try to reset their password, an email never arrives. (Email is in scoutbook but might not be UID).

When they go to my.scouting website to check their UID, the website hangs.

Thank you in advance!


First, is the user logging in with the email address that is his firstname.lastname at a domain with initials EP?

This sounds like it might be a cache issue. Ask him to try using an incognito window to log in.

Yes, that is the email address he is trying to login with. He is not receiving the emails to reset the password though. It could be a spam blocker somewhere, but he is receiving other messages from Scoutbook.

Your Council can reset his password.

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