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Parent lost connection to one of two kids

I have a parent with two kids in the unit in different dens. She can see one of her kids, but not the other. She also shows up twice in my parent roster with two different BSA numbers. When she logs into scouting.org her Memeber ID tools only shows that she has one BSA ID. What is going on here?

My first bet is that there was a difference between the parent’s name (e.g. nickname vs full name) or other contact information provided in the new scout application for the second youth. That led the council registrar to create a new account. Is there an email address associated with the “extra” account? Does it match the one that’s associated with the “correct” account?

I would start by making sure that there isn’t any training (e.g. YPT) or other items associated with the “extra” parent account. Then, I would add the “correct” account to the second scout as a parent. That way, the parent is getting information for both dens and can see her scouts’ accounts. Finally, you probably need to follow-up with your council registrar to get the “duplicate” account removed. There is no longer a way for volunteers to contact Scoutbook support directly, so councils have to carry this water through their internal channels to the support team.

Make sure you provide the folks are your council with:

  1. an explanation that there is a duplicate BSA ID and Scoutbook account for this parent, and that you need the “extra” one eliminated.
  2. a clear statement as to which BSA ID you want kept and which BSA ID you want eliminated
  3. the AdultUserID that is listed in the URL when you browse to the Scoutbook account profile for the account you want eliminated. You get there from
    My Dashboard -> My Units -> Unit Roster -> Scout’s name -> Parent’s name -> Edit Profile
    You probably want to do this before you add the correct parent account to the second scout as a parent, to minimize chances of selecting the parent account you want to keep.

@BlakeAlbritton I sent you a private message for more information.

I have no idea how to get to a private message. When I go to messages in Scoutbook there is nothing there.

@BlakeAlbritton Click the B in the upper right corner.

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