Parent Marked Advancement Completed But No Scoutbook Login History

Hello! I have a new Scout whose parent marked some requirements as completed (awesome! Parents being pro-active!). Just curious as Scoutbook shows the parent as “Imported by member update, never invited” and the chain link icon is unlinked, i.e. “pending connection.”

Is there something I’m missing here? I’m trying to go through our roster to see who hasn’t logged into Scoutbook yet and try to encourage those folks to use it, and this one is confusing me…

Just thinking - is it possible this parent is using the Scouting app and bypassing Scoutbook entirely?

If you post a BSA # we could probably tell

Thanks Donovan - Scout’s Member ID is 140288235. Parent’s is 140288229. Appreciate it!

yeah it is logins to the App

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