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Parent not able to do anything

I have a parent who is linked to their scout but they are not able to log in to Scoutbook. it just spins? Help

have them try first going to my.scouting.org and logging in - then log into Scoutbook

we have done that multiple times. Still not letting them in Scout book. but the my.scouting.org is fine.

what is the bsa # and we can look

12862590 is her number. She is connected to both her sons.

That BSA # does not exist in Scoutbook - can you see her User ID at Edit Profile?

@HeatherYoung2 I found the user and it should be working for her now

She will try as soon as she gets home. I have another gal that is having the same issue. I will try to reach out to her. did you do something that I can do so I dont have to bother you?

no you could not have fixed this one

the other ladies ID number is 13288135. can you see what her problem may be?

I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it > it will be a green dot with a number 1 > it will be a private message channel with select members of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC)

Hi the first one works now. The one you did a reset on gets stuck at the reset password?

what do you mean get stuck at reset password?

It is just an eternal circle so it does not let her recover. She is still having the same problem as yesterday even though you reset her acct.

I have a parent having similar issue. Her BSA number is: 13096489

We have a parent with the same issue, UserID 10051895.

We have the same issue in our troops what is needed to try to resolve this matter

@ThomasCarroll that user has not logged in for 3 years - I do not see any duplicate accounts immediatly

@MelissaScott1 this is fixed - they need to use the my.scouting credentials and password which for them are firstname.lastname

@JoseVilla post BSA # for them and we can look

She attempted to sign in within the last few weeks but was not able to do so. She clicked the forgot email link, got the email, clicked that link, but from there she said she just got the spinning dots

Thank you!

Does this mean that she should log in as

Username: firstname.lastname
Password: firstname.lastname