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Parent profile has leader control

I have a parent that for some reason has Adult and Leader checked for control over their scouts profile. I can not figure out how to uncheck the leader box. Its causing issues because the father is checking leader approved for awards the scout has not earned.


I take it that the parent is not a registered leader of any type? Parents have irrevocable Full Control permissions to their scout, so if they are any kind of registered leader in the unit, there’s no programmatic way to prevent them from doing this.

If they are not a leader in the unit, then try resetting your Unit Admin position by going to My Dashboard → Administration → My Units → Unit Roster → Your Name → Your unit admin position.

Toggle the approved radio button off then back on without saving, then save. This (usually) resets the unit admin role, but is path dependent.

Then, try changing the Leader position toggle to off for the parent.

@DavidLafko according to the BSA Covid changes (and honestly most of the GTA) - Parents have rights to Approve, which are currently in SB. A conversation with parent can be had is usually the best way: “by the way since you approved this you have to pay for it” usually works

That’s true at the Cub Scout level, though, right? In the Scouts BSA program, only those authorized by the Scoutmaster can sign off on advancement or awards. Can’t tell from the original post what program level is being discussed.

@CharleyHamilton I can tell

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This is what It looks like. I tried as you described and it still wont let me uncheck adult leader.

He is not a leader in our group.


The Adult Leader being grayed out looks suspicious. Post the BSA Member ID (no names) and we will investigate.

Bsa number 13688914. Thanks for ur help


This is fixed.

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