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Parent/Scout Transfer/Connection

Recently we had some Webelo’s move up into the Troop. The scouts moved over fine probably because I had access to them from both the Pack side and Troop side. I wasn’t able to find one of the parents in the system on the Cub Scout level before I moved the scout. Since moving the scout to the Troop, I know that the parent has since taken a position of responsibility and is for sure now in the system. When I try to add him to the connections on the Troop side I can not find his name. When I go back and look for him on the Cub Scout side I can find him. Please explain this? Why can I not connect him to the Troop side but I could connect him to the Cub Scout side. I did look for him under an unrelated scout. Unsure why that would matter? Thank you.

When you say you can see the parent on the Cub Scout side: Does he have another child in the Pack? Is he still in the Pack as a Leader? Does the moved Scout still show in the Pack?

Hi, @AlyssaSchaefbauer,

Is the parent showing up as connected to the scout, just not as an adult? Or the adult doesn’t appear at all?

When you’re trying to add the adult as a leader, are you searching for an existing account using the adult’s email address? I find that this is the most effective way to locate adults and be sure they are the adults I’m actually looking for (as opposed to yet another “Charles Hamilton” in my general area).

You can go in to My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Units -> Troop Roster -> Add Leader (red box below adult roster). Once there, search for the adult by email address.

No to all your questions. I never could find him to link him when the Scout was in the Pack although I did create him with out a BSA number. I decided to look for him again when I found out he took on the Friends of Scouting position. I couldn’t find him to connect him to his scout on the Troop side. Just to see I went to my son’s connections on our Pack side, and looked that scout’s dad up under connections and I was able to find him. Maybe unrelated, we are also having issues with the mom who I did have linked under the Pack, being able to connect to Scoutbook at all. I have sent multiple invites and she continues to get an error message of “incorrect login/password” even with the invite generated information. I sent a ticket to the helpdesk for that.

Hi, Alyssa,

For the mom who can’t log in, has she tried the “Forgot Password” link (even though she’s never successfully logged in)? Sometimes, that has worked for parents in our unit who were new to Scoutbook.

It wouldn’t work. I had her log onto her My.Scouting page and that is really messed up. She said nothing is really working there either. Who does she contact to clear that up?

Ah, if she has a my.scouting account, then she has to use her my.scouting username and password to login to Scoutbook.

Right but none of those username/passwords work. She said she did the forgot username and the username she was given is “too short” and the passwords that she has written down with that username doesn’t work. Who do we contact for the My.SCouting application?


If you experience any issues with your account, contact the Member Care Contact Center at 972-580-2489 between 7 am – 7 pm CT, Monday - Friday.

Call the Member Care Contact Center at 972-580-2489 or send an email to

Thank you I didn’t see that. One other question. With this same scout I have a parent that I created that is linked to the scout. I found out he should have another account in scoutbook with a BSA number. It won’t just let me type in the BSA number and says I need to delete this account and put in the new one. BUt it won’t let me disconnect from the scout or delete the wrong parent account. Any thoughts?


Send an e-mail to with the parent’s name, BSA#, council and unit and ask them to merge the accounts.