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Parent/Scout transfer from another state/council

I have a new scout from out-of-state. He and his father showed up on my SB roster finally. The father had never connected to his account, so the scout isn’t connected either. Because the father no longer had access to the email account in his profile, I changed it to a current one and sent him a new invitation. Both the SM & I received an email showing he connected to his account. Yet, when he logs in, it says that he needs to be affiliated with a unit with a subscription. After looking at his account, I realize he has a BSA ID and found out he completed YPT at the former unit. So is the issue he has two different emails in each system? He doesn’t have access to the old account, so that means a trouble ticket into the myscouting helpdesk to change the email address? I’m wondering the SSO is messing his access up having two different email addresses listed. He would need to get the myscouting email address corrected before “fixing” the SSO in SB, correct?


This is why we recommend using the Transfer In Scout function to move the Scout before the new Council registers the Scout.

I have sent you a private message so we can gather information needed to look into this for you. Click on the pink circle with the white M in the upper right corner of your forum window.

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