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Parent Scoutbook connection to scout constantly disconnects

I have a scout and parent connection that constantly disconnects. I can connect them in the morning and by the afternoon Scoutbook shows the scout as having no parents. The parent has logged on to scout book and even successfully used my.scouting.org for YPT. This is causing a HUGE issue as the parent is not receiving troop emails, can not view the calendar, or have access to their scouts advancement. I sent in help request to Scoutbook, but I’m at a loss…this has never happened before and is very frustrating.

Thanks for any suggestions.

What method are you using to connect the scout and parent? It shouldn’t matter, but knowing this may help track down the issue.

The same way I’ve always connected a parent to a scout…go into the scout’s profile, click “add parent” and search the parent on the BSA data base. This parent is there in the database…she just keeps disconnecting. In fact she disconnected again this morning.

Is anything else disappearing for this scout, such as advancement, log data, or positions of responsibility? If they don’t have anything, you might try adding some to see what happens.

What if you look at the scout’s connections page? Are any other connections disappearing?

Have you confirmed that the parent is receiving an email to connect each to you add the connection? Are they clicking to accept it (and that is somehow causing this)?

It sounds like you will probably need to wait for support, which is dealing with a lot of rechartering issues right now.

In the meantime, as a temporary measure you might try adding the parent to a leader role within the troop, such as committee member (they don’t need to actually be registered to be given a Scoutbook role). That would at least allow emails and calendar access, and you can try giving the parent full access to the scout in their role a leader (rather than a parent) to update advancement as well.

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