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Parent scoutbook issue

i have a parent that shows up as a scout on scoutbook. i have contacted scoutbook without a reply. has anyone else had this happen when i click the connection manager the name doesnt appear at all

The first thing is do is check your member manager roster in to see if it’s wrong there too. If so, talk to your registrar to get it corrected.

It doesnt show up anywhere. I tried to manually enter him to connect to his other scout and I got an error message saying a youth scout was found with that email. But his name isnt found anywhere

Do they by any chance have an older scout? The parent may have used the email address for an older scout to do training at my.scouting (or otherwise associated it with that scout), and it’s now tied there.

If not, did they join scouts using the online application? I wonder if they transposed the email address there…

I’ve had this happen 3x this year so far. Parents did online applications and I suppose used the autopopulate feature and it changed the kid they were registering to their name. The solution I’m having to do is have families fill out paper apps with the right name and using the assigned ID in my.scouting.

I know mine is a fluke but kinda disturbing to have 3 separate people commit the same fluke in 2 weeks.

Yeah, my ACM made the same mistake. The problem with auto populate is that it will even overwrite fields you already completed if you use it on something at the bottom of the page.

the parent went and did den leader training online and it said their scouts name… so i need to have them fill out an adult application and a youth application with the correct information?

Not necessarily. Talk to your council registrar and see what they need.

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