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Parent Sign-offs instead of Den Leader Sign-offs

I see the reference in the FAQs about parents being permitted to sign off Webelos and Arrow of Light requirements, does this apply as well to Wolf adventures as well? Many adventures require only minimal den leader involvement, ex. - p31 req #3a in Wolf handbook, “Recite the Outdoor Code with your leader”.

Can parents send me or post in GroupMe a video of them reciting this with their child?

Well always in Cub Scout the Primary AKELA has been the parent of the Scout - and they have the rights to sign off on advancements - If a parent says it is done - it is done, they do not need to provide leaders any proof. That has been extended by national due to the virus where they can even approve in Scoutbook.com for the time being to facilitate advancement of packs.


Did you mean to add “not” in that sentence?

And has there been any official announcement you can link here I can send to my high-command?

yep was multi-tasking


Well 2 thing:

  1. The Guide to Advancement - it is pretty straight forward - https://www.scouting.org/resources/guide-to-advancement/mechanics-of-advancement/cub-scouting/ - "For Lion through Bear ranks, if the activity is completed outside of the den meeting, the parent, adult partner, or another trusted adult may sign in the Cub Scout’s handbook, indicating the Cub Scout has done their best to complete the requirement

  2. https://www.scouting.org/coronavirus/covid-19-faq/ - there is a clear section on Cub Scout Advancement


So the code supersedes anything in the handbook that specifically states “with your leader”, “explain to your den leader”, talk to your den leader", etc?

In essence nearly everything in the handbook is achievable, adventures and ranks, without any den leader involvement, albeit recommended. And no proof is needed, though recommended.

Please see: Who Approves Cub Scout Advancement?

and also “Do Your Best”
Cub Scouts—even those of the same age, grade, and gender—may have very different developmental timetables. For this reason, advancement performance in Cub Scouting is centered on its motto: “Do Your Best.” When a Cub Scout has done this—their best effort possible—then regardless of the requirements for any rank or award, it is enough; accomplishment is noted. This is why den leaders, assistants, and parents or guardians are involved in approvals. Generally they know if the effort put forth is really the Cub Scout’s best.


For clarification … @JenniferOlinger, so you agree with @DonovanMcNeil and my statement that most all if not all, adventures and ranks in cub scouts need no den leader involvement, albeit recommended and without any proof?

Breaking into separate paragraphs:

For Lion through Bear ranks, if the activity is completed outside of the den meeting, the parent, adult partner, or another trusted adult may sign in the Cub Scout’s handbook, indicating the Cub Scout has done their best to complete the requirement. The den leader then records that requirement after consultation with the family or the Cub Scout to confirm completion.

If the requirement is completed in a den meeting, the den leader signs the handbook and records the requirement. Den leaders may delegate an assistant or parent who helps at meetings to assist with the approvals.

For Webelos and Arrow of Light adventures and ranks, the den leader signs for approval of all requirements, unless the den leader delegates this responsibility.

For Lion-Bear, if a requirement is done outside of den meetings, then normally the only requirement is that the Den Leader consults with the family to confirm completion. I don’t see anything that requires the parent / family to provide proof.


I see what you are saying that the requirement specifically says to involve the leader. Cub Scouts standard of completion has always been “do your best”. So, under the current circumstances, I don’t have a problem with involving a parent instead of a den leader.


I apologize for sounding like I’m asking the same question here. I just don’t want to have to retract something a day later, lol. I also appreciate the 3 of you “Scoutbook User Advisory Council” in replying here. Thanks so much for your inputs.

It’s no problem. You are correctly trying to complete the requirements as written. There’s always a balance between that and “do your best”. Do your best does not mean to skip or modify any requirements that are a little challenging or inconvenient. IMO It means that the scout gave it an honest effort and for some reason fell short.


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