Parent with Login Problems

I have a parent that can’t seem to figure out how to login. I’ve tried to send them to lost user /password, but they still can’t figure out. Anything that you can do? MID 134814824 / UID 11736167. Many thanks!

@GoodloeWhite She appears to have Apple log in turned on with a Gmail username.

I also have a parent with troubles. MID # 134864646 // UID # 2353576.

When he goes through the forgot my password function, he sees that they have an incorrect email address for him. I confirmed that Scoutbook has the correct email so I am not sure where the incorrect email came from. (the fourth digit in the email should be a “1” and not an “i”).

What should I recommend that he do?

@ToddP This should be fixed now.

Thank you for helping. He was able to reset everything.

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Thank you! That worked. Is there any way I can tell if someone has Apple/Google login turned on so I can troubleshoot more before reaching out?

I have another parent that can’t login: UID 11820128. Says login dial keeps spinning after I enter the email and password. THx!

have them try an incognito window - sounds like an extension they have is messing with system

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