Parent with Two MIDs, can't login to My.Scouting

I have a parent in our unit whose family transferred to our council (Cascade Pacific) from CA over a year ago. She has two MIDs but isn’t able to log into my.Scouting with either to change her “new” MID to be primary.

Her old MID: 12956632
Her new MID: 13684576

From screenshots she shared, both appear to have the same DOB and e-mail address. She hasn’t been able to recover her username/password to be able to login to my.Scouting. What’s the next step she should take?

I don’t understand. How is she able to get screenshots of her PII if she can’t log in?

What I understand is that when she attempts the password recovery she is presented with options to pick between which MID is to be recovered with redacted info for each, but the password recovery doesn’t succeed.

That is, for each of the MIDs to choose from instead of seeing, 1/1/1900, she sees, 1/1/----.

@RyanTashma She has 2 usernames at my.scouting:


Which one does she want to keep? We can retire the other one.

She’d like to keep firstnamelastname.

@RyanTashma ok let us look

WOW this user somehow made 9 MIDs for themself within minutes. Messy. But the log in is fixed now and unlocked so recover password should work.

Impressive! My parents are nothing if not over-achievers.

Thanks for the assist!

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