Parental Permission Issue

L. BSA D # 12984170 South book ID 11300556 was added to D. BSA ID # 126644467 Scoutbook ID 2081546 inadvertently! Please remove him from D’s profile

Your council can remove these @AnthonyReymann - if the person has not connected yet an admin can delete the connection

I was told by GLAAC representative that she escalated it to National. Our Scoutmaster said that the Scoutbook Rep. might be able to do it. If I can wit for National to do something about it I can I’ll turn 83. My birthday is in September and I will turn 65! Can’t you do it? I will also make a recommendation. As we are all human and make mistakes I think that the Scoutmaster of the Troop should be allowed to make he deletion. This would cut out the bothering of Scoutbook staff as well as National and GLAAC!

Wit= wait it was a typo!

That request needs to go up the chain via council, since it’s a policy-change issue. I know it’s been requested before and no changes made.

@AnthonyReymann if council uses VST they can deal with it on their own

Council staff can break the connections in about 30 seconds.

Volunteers are not allowed to break parent connections because it would allow a volunteer to violate youth protection policies.

Thank you for your time!

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