Parents can no longer Send Message after Scouts' Membership and Advancement updates

Parents of new Scouts that recently crossed over from a Pack to a Troop can not Send Message to leaders in the Troop after some Admin actions (more on this later). When they click on Send Message, nothing happens. The parents who are also still connected to the Pack can still send messages to the Pack leaders. The new Scout parents were able to Send Message correctly to Troop leaders until the following actions were taken. Scouts had been transferred to the Troop before their Arrow of Light and Adventures had all been marked as completed, approved, and awarded. Those Scouts were moved back into the Pack temporarily so that their Advancement records could be updated. This was done by entering an end date for the Troop membership, removing the end date for the Pack membership, updating the advancements status while they were in back the Pack (which lasted about a week), and then reversing those membership changes to put them back in the Troop. Since doing that, Send Message no longer works for parents of those Scouts.

Send Message is working for other parents in the Troop. The system behavior describe has been confirmed by multiple parents, on different browsers and platforms. Screen refresh, clear cache, and reboot were attempted but did not change anything. Connection Manager was checked – connections and permissions appear to be correct.

Does going to the scout’s connections, clicking the parent name, and clicking update fix it?

Thank you for the suggestion. I tried it, but unfortunately that did not resolve the problem.

William - does this only impact the scouts that got bounced around ?

is the Scouts membership in troop Approved?

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Taken together, it almost looks like the connections from the leaders to the scouts/parents were broken. I saw that you checked the connections/permissions. Did you try reapplying them?

If not, does reapplying the leaders’ permissions for the scouts fix the problem? That is, if you go into Connection Manager, click the leader’s name, then assign the leader the correct permissions based on your unit’s policies (e.g. “Full Control” for any Unit Admin, “Edit Advancement” for any leaders who are approving/entering advancement, etc). Does that fix the problem?

I’m wondering of the leaders’ connections look right, but are actually wrong behind the scenes.

Also try this:

Go to the Scout’s Membership page, click on the Scout’s current membership with the troop, uncheck the box next to “Position Approved”, then Update. Next, repeat the process, but check the box next to “Position Approved” and Update.

If they still have difficulties, please send an e-mail to:

And include as much information as you can (the issues they’ve been having, parent name, unit number, council name, etc.)