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Parents entering old awards for webelos

What would you do?
We have a parent who entered the old Webelos Fitness Activity Badge Requirements from the Physical Skills group (Looks like a guy in blue shorts/yellow shirt making an X with body). When I was going over stuff in scoutbook and marking approved for advancement report this shows up under the 2010 webelos requirements but not the most current 2019-2020 requirements we are using toward rank.

Parents will want the pin for the scout - but its not available at the scout store anymore…we don’t have any awards from that far back in our stock.

How would you handle this?

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I’d tell them that that was part of the old program that has been retired and point them toward the stronger, faster, higher adventure.

Was the scout set to the current version of the webelos rank in Scoutbook? Or did someone toggle the version?


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