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Parliamentary Law Explorer Post

Hello! Interest came up in another form about our explorer post. We are a Parliamentary Law Explorer Post chartered by the Missouri State Association of Parliamentarians. We study Robert’s Rules of Order, leadership, bylaws, communication, and how to run successful meetings of small, medium, and large sizes.

What questions can I answer for others who have interest?

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I’m a District Professional, so my questions are geared towards getting such a post started in my district.

Do most states have such an organization?

Who would be the person at such an organization to make contact with to talk about starting an exploring post?

What kind of people are members of an association like this? What professions?

What kind of activities does the Explorer Post have?

I would love to talk to the professional who works with this post if you have their name.

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I’m the Post Advisor (volunteer) and our Exploring professional duties are being re-designed (I think distributed) among council professionals at this time–our Exploring Exec retired.

I’m not sure if all fifty states have a state organization, but they are part of the National Association of Parliamentarians which also has “regions” across the US and Canada. If there isn’t a state association, I’m sure the region or national could connect you with a potential charter organization.

Contact person to start a Parliamentary Law Explorer Post? Heck, start with me and I’ll find someone in the area–if not a professional parliamentarian, at least a high school debate coach or county clerk or school board.

Contact person to join a professional parliamentarian organization? or me as well, I’ll connect you. You’ll find it’s made up of full-time professional parliamentarians, meeting planners, school board members, homeowner association members attorneys, paralegals, preachers, … and a good number of Eagle Scouts.

Activities that our post has: We provide service projects for local meetings of groups such as church annual meetings, Toastmasters annual meetings, school boards, and such. We help by serving as pages, election tellers (vote counters), serve as impartial chair of committees, and will (for smaller organizations) complete bylaws reviews and provide training on running meetings, leading organizations, officer duties, and public speaking.

Our unit activities are a five-year education plan working toward the designation of Professional Registered Parliamentarian.

A couple of other organizations are good choices for Charter Organizations for this type of post: I would consider the American Institute of Parliamentarians and the Daughters of the American Revolution. AIP of course naturally, but DAR members are significant supports of Robert’s and other parliamentary methods. While Toastmasters would not work for a source of Charter Orgs (they have “gavel clubs” for the official youth program) they would be a good source to find adult volunteers.

so is your Post on the Law & Government Career Field? Never heard of Parliamentary and it is not listed at

Yes, we’re in the “Law and Government” area, but we could have also gone with “Communication” – Exploring is flexible enough to work with these specialties.

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