Patrol Connections Manager "page" links are broken

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Navigate to Patrol and go to Connections Manager.
  2. Select a different page.

Expected Results:
Page link navigates to that page of the patrol filtered connections.

Actual Results:
Page link navigates to that page of the full troop connections.

Note: You can see in the hyperlink when you hover over a page button that the patrol filter is missing from the URL.

E.g., The 2nd page links to:

instead of:

You can type the correct URL manually and get to the correctly filtered page.


How many Scouts & adults do you have in Patrol connections manager to generate a 2nd page?

There are about 160 adults. Patrols have 11-14 scouts.

I have reproduced the issue in our test system and notified the developers. Thank you for reporting the problem.

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