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Patrol Deletion **Help Needed**

If a Patrol changed names and we did not reassign Scouts to a new Patrol name, are the Leadership positions under the old Patrol saved in Internet Advancement? I’m assuming there isn’t a way to get the old Patrol back in order to properly reassign the Scouts to a new Patrol name in Scoutbook? Looking for a not too difficult fix since the positions for the Scouts are not showing the Patrol they previously held it under. Any help is appreciated!

Im not sure exactly what your situation is. Did you delete the old patrol, or just change its name?

If you change the patrol name back, I think it returns the leadership roles to the “old” patrol name. However, you have to create a new patrol, transfer the scouts to the new patrol, then leave the old patrol hanging around.

From a “leadership tracking” standpoint, it only matters what position was held, not what patrol it was held in.

I’m not exactly sure what had been done but I do believe the Patrol name was changed. A couple others were added and now Scouts are in different Patrols than they were.

I was thinking the same about the fact of for tracking purposes in Internet Advancement that only the positions may be what really matters and not the Patrol. Thanks for your help!

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I’m a little confused. Internet Advancement does not have patrols. Did you mean to say scoutbook?

Yes sir, I did mean Internet Advancementon in my last reply. In clarification meaning Patrols names must not carry over from Scoutbook into Internet Advancement.

Internet Advancement does not have any support of patrols.

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