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Patrols in Scoutbook

I would like to request that Scoutbook make it easy to move scouts to different patrols. Many times we move scouts to other patrols when their patrols lose members.

Also I think its a shame that parents have total control over their kids. Recently a over-zealous mom went in and approved her son all the way to Eagle including the Eagle project. The boy did none of these things, what a shame. It took us to go to Council to have this removed.




At the bottom of the Scout list in the patrol roster, you will see image
Click Reassign Scout(s) and select the Scouts you want to move into the patrol.

@Mr.G - concerning the parent issue. Is this parent also an adult leader in the troop ?

No she is not. They barely show up and they didn’t have any proof of what they approved. Everything is now back to where it was, the scout is almost 17 and wants to get his Eagle done but of course this is not the way to do it.

@Mr.G - then that parent would NO ability to approve anything. Things may have been entered as completed which DOES not reflect itself in council records.

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Unless the parent marked a lot of things complete then a leader blindly did Approve All in the Needs Approval report. This is why I suggest not using Approve All and looking at everything to make sure it should be approved.


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