Payment for Service Hours?

Trying to find official BSA guidance on what is appropriate for earning Service Hours.

In particular, we have a Troop Fundraiser where Scouts that participate are getting a portion of the profit toward summer camp fees PLUS also getting service hours.

Seems like the scouts shouldn’t get $$ toward camp PLUS service hours? Also, the service is not benefitting the community?

I found this Service Projects | Boy Scouts of America. Seems to support that a fundraiser should not also give service hours.

@jwstl - i would suggest you speak with your council about this


You could start with the BSA’s Guide to Advancement.

If you cannot find the answer to your question, then I would recommend contacting your district or council.


@jwstl - so beyond these immediate responses there is the direct payment to scouts which becomes a 1099 instance to the charter organization. So if your charter org is ready to assume the tax liability then have at it.

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