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PayPal issues

Good morning Scout family. I’ve created a PayPal account for our troop and have all accounts properly linked between PayPal, Scoutbook, and our bank. The problem I’m encountering is PayPal is holding funds for 21 days, or my scout’s familys must to log in 48 hours after making payments to “confirm receipt” of goods or services.

Not very convenient in my opinion.

Is anyone else having this issue? I’ve spent hours (not an exaggeration) on hold waiting to speak with a PayPal associate. On average it takes about 45 minutes to actually reach a human. Then there is the bad connection, a slight language barrier and ultimately I made no headway.

According to PayPal, the limitations/restrictions is their standard security protocols. The account is being limited, and funds held for 21 days because it’s a new account. But they can’t tell me how many transactions we need to complete in order to no longer operate like this.

Have other troops experienced this? Is there a work-around?

I have experienced this with PayPal just not in a scout setting. When you are a newish account to Paypal and money is sent goods and services it complicates everything. My pack uses venmo for electronic payments. You can still have the history and it doesn’t hold your money like PayPal does. You might also see if you can just use the friends and family option on PayPal to bypass the goods hold

@JamesRay2 - paypal for our troop became a nightmare when summer camp payments came in. They have isolated our troop account pending verification of business entity. They want tax bills, credit card statements and the like. I had spent months trying to convince them that we are a scouting unit owned by the Charter Org… no dice…done with paypal.

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