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"Pending" den leader-- no way to accept

When our committee chair rechartered he somehow deleted me from the pack, then reassigned me. He has sent me multiple emails to accept my “pending” den leader position in scoutbook, but whenever I use the password given in the email (not my actual scoutbook acct password) it says it’s an invalid combo (because it’s my same email but not my actual scoutbook password!). So there is no way for me to move from Pending to Active.
I have tried to do it from inside my scoutbook account, but I don’t see anywhere indicating I can accept or activate or anything. It just says next to my name as den leader that I’m pending.
I tried to “sign up” instead of “login” on scoutbook to see what would happen, and found I have 2 member numbers (137244801 and 13188702), so not sure if that’s the problem?
I tried to merge the member id’s as suggested in other “threads” but keep getting an error message “failed to persist membership” which I don’t understand what that even means, and so was unable to merge the id’s because I couldn’t even enter a single id and have it accepted.
This whole thing is really frustrating. I’ve spent so many days on this, and it’s getting really aggravating. There is no number to call for help. Please help!

@BerkeleyWilliams I think I have this fixed for you - try logging in again

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