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People with my.scouting account still have the invite link even though it isn't effective

I think I reported this bug about a year ago, but we still have the issue.

A new Scout’s mom created a my.scouting account to be able to register her daughter in our Troop. The Scout was registered and her Scoutbook account was created. I added her Mom and Dad to her Scoutbook account. I then hit invite to both her mom and dad. Her mom got the invite email, showing her email and the auto generated first password. That didn’t work. We tried it 3 more times until I remembered that she should use her my.scouting login and password. When she did, it all worked fine.

So, the interface is not correct when someone has a my.scouting account. It should NOT have the invite link. OR, if it does, it should send an email that says “connect to your Scout using your my.scouting” account.

This was all pretty frustrating.


Did you add the mom by typing in all of her personal info, or did you use the search bar?

I don’t recall. Her entry had the correct BSA ID, so they two were “linked” already. I assume that I did the search since it had the correct BSA ID. It just had the button to connect and the email sent said to use her email and auto generated password.

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