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Permission Slips

I question if formal permission slips are really needed for Cub Scout events if a parent is in attendance. I’m specifically referring to anything off-site, i.e. not your regular den/pack meeting location. Or are they not needed and I am incorrectly assuming that they are?

If you have signed copies of BSA’s Annual Health and Medical Record, Form A, that should be sufficient if a parent, with access to medical insurance coverage for the Scout, is present with each Scout during outings. Form A is valid for one year from the signature date. Some BSA events require copies of Forms A (and frequently Forms B) for each participant when checking into those events, so you probably won’t get Forms A back. So make sure you have spare signed copies of Forms A. Based upon an earlier topic, electronic signatures on Forms A are acceptable.

Activity Consent Form – The recommended use of this form is for the consent and approval for Cub Scouts to participate in any activity that is not at your regular den meeting location.

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