Permissions must be RE-assigned to roles when adding new Scouts

Just got done with a Webelos Crossover and all new Scouts were added to our organization. However, I just noticed that only Leaders with Troop or Patrol Admin access, do not have their unit wide permissions applied to those new unit members. Most role-based systems systems do not require you to go and re-apply permissions each time a new user is added.

The current solve is that for each new Scout, you must MANUALLY re-apply permissions to each leader. Why does ScoutBook not allow for the inheritance of permissions for new members? Can we get this permissions issue resolved?

There is an item in the backlog to improve the connections system. We do not know when it might be scheduled as it is a huge project.

The volunteer written and supported Feature Assistant Extension for Chrome and Firefox has a Permission by Positions feature that lets you setup connections to Scouts based on the adult’s role in the unit. It isn’t automatic but it is faster than going one by one.

Search the Chrome or Firefox extension stores for Scoutbook.

Yep…the Chrome extension is good. Use it regularly.

Totally understand that updating the process would be a huge effort. Just wanted to be sure it was filed and placed in backlog, and to make sure it wasn’t user error.

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