Permissions/Roles overlapping

I’m a Pack Admin (Advancement Chair & Training Chair).

I was taking a screenshot of the calendar while interacting as a parent and noticed I have the ability to edit an event (not create, just edit). Interacting as a parent, I should not have that ability.

I’ve noticed roles overlapping other times as well and just thought it was a caching issue. On occasion, I’ll go in to add an event and be limited to adding events only for the Tiger Den (I’m also a Den Leader). If I CTRL+F5, it returns me to the option of entering events for the Pack as expected.

If you look below Den Leader in your screen shot it says 4 other positions/roles. Hover the mouse over this label and you will see all of your Pack roles.


I understand my other roles but notice, I’m interacting as Parent/Guardian. I don’t have the Roster, Reports, Activity Logs, or Forum on the right side either… as I shouldn’t.

Interacting as a Pack Admin>

Interacting as a Parent>

Can you see if a non-scouter parent in your unit can do the same thing? I wonder if this is a situation where code ensuring that the highest permission level for a given individual is applied is counteracting the parent/guardian role toggle.

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I’ll see what I can do, can’t get parents to do much over the summer. I’ll report back as soon as I find out.

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I managed to get 2 parents to respond and test. Neither of them were able to edit the event.

It would appear to just affect me or someone else with elevated permissions in regard to editing events.

Thanks, @TravisStephens. I appreciate your (and your unit parents’) help chasing this one down. That’s great data for the developers to use in determining how to address the behavior. It’s also good news that it looks like it’s not an “every parent/guardian” issue, but only looks like it is hitting those who are also registered scouters (and possibly only the subset of those with elevated permissions). One of the SUAC should be able to pass this along to the developers for their review.

That seems to me to be desired behavior. It is too confusing to have to change which position you have under the drop down. We want more of what you are reporting.

Well that doesn’t make much sense considering the knowledge base tells you to make sure you are viewing under the correct account/position. It has also been mentioned in this forum multiple times to ensure the user is on the correct drop down.

Additionally, why code it to remove everything from an elevated permission except editing a calendar event.

It was developed that way intentionally, but that doesn’t mean users like it.

Well if it was developed this way intentionally, it was done so recently. I found this screenshot from my PowerPoint presentation on June 12 and the ability to edit the event isn’t there.

It also wasn’t mentioned as a new feature in any recent updates but could potentially be related to bug fixes in the June 13 update.

If SUAC wants to say it’s a built in “feature” then ok but it make zero sense and contributes to user’s beliefs that the program is not well designed.

I know this is not exactly the same situation, but it might be helpful. I learned that permissions/controls have to be manually updated when someone is no longer in a leadership role. For example, a former scoutmaster would still have full controls over scouts who were in a troop when he/she was Scoutmaster, although he would not have full control over new scouts moving up from AOL after he left the position. Permissions must be manually updated by someone with full controls (like key 3). I don’t think Scoutbook recognizes the difference in permissions when you login as a parent vs scoutmaster etc.

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