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Personal Fitness MB and ScoutStrong

I am a new Personal Fitness Merit Badge counselor. In reviewing the current requirements directly from scouting.org, requirement 4(d) asks “How a program like ScoutStrong can lead to lifelong healthful habits”

The merit badge book I have is from the previous year, and it has a small paragraph on ScoutStrong, and lists a website to get more information – www.scouting.org/resources/bsa-fit/scout-strong

That url does not work. I searched on scouting.org, and nothing is returned when I searched for ScoutStrong. I looked in scoutbook.scouting.org, and the ScoutStrong PALA challenge award was retired in December of 2020.

The merit badge needs to be updated to remove this requirement since it is no longer a program.

In the meantime, how can the requirement be met when ScoutStrong doesn’t exist?

It just asks how a program “like ScoutStrong” can help, not for the scout to earn the ScoutStrong award. So, looking up the requirements from a “historical” source (like the Internet Archive way back machine: SCOUTStrong | Boy Scouts of America) should help. Scouting magazine also had an article on the PALA awards at one point. They can then describe how those requirements help could permit the scout to complete this requirement.

It’s likely worth an email to meritbadge@scouting.org with a recommendation to revise the requirements since the program has been sunsetted.

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