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Personal fitness requirements in scoutbook

It looks like the old requirements for Personal Fitness are still listed in Scoutbook and not the Jan 2020 updates. Where is the best place to post this?

The developers are working on the new merit badge requirements.

What changes were made?

I see the new requirements (https://boyscouttrail.com/boy-scouts/meritbadges/personal-fitness-merit-badge.asp), but what changed?

The following website is not affiliated with the BSA, but you can see the changes here:

Personal Fitness merit badge changes

If you try to schedule an event in Scoutbook to work on the requirements and choose the Merit Badge in Advancement it would seem to be the old version. Maybe no one uses that. the actual Merit badge under advancement is correct


The 2020 version of Personal Fitness MB has not been added to Scoutbook yet. It is currently in development and testing. I expect it will be released soon.

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