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Philmont Question

Troop is going in 2020 and we have a Maverick scout from another unit in the same council that wants to go with us. Is there any paperwork that has to be filled out? Seems it is just add to roster and go. Thanks for any insight.

I think you just need to include the scout on the crew paperwork. We have the same situation for this summer – I just texted our crew advisor to confirm it…

Confirm with the POC for registration at Philmont, but I would bet that as long as you can confirm that the Scout is currently registered with your council, then you can just add the Scout to your roster.

Like others have mentioned, Philmont does not care if the crews are from multiple units. You might want to reach out to your district or council high adventure committee. They might informally track these metrics, and want to know what units are sending scouts. It would also be good to keep an open line of communication with the scout’s troop leadership, to be sure he gets any relevant advancement credit.

Another place to ask Philmont questions is the unofficial Philmont mailing list.