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Looking for recommendations for a secure online platform to organize and share photos for a troop.

Shutterfly or google photos should work fine.

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We use Instagram and Facebook.

We have used TripCast.

We use BAND (band.us)

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we use google photos

Instagram and Facebook are NOT secure. When you upload a photo to either one (since they are both owned by Facebook), a) you grant Facebook a license to use the photo however they choose and b) they run a facial recognition scan of every face in the photo.

There are an increasing number of people for whom it is dangerous to have the facial recognition scan done, as Facebook loves to sell information to everybody who wants it.

It can be extremely dangerous to put photos of kids on Facebook.

It is just as secure and has a similar risk profile as the other options listed. Parents can choose to not have their Scout’s photos shared, obviously. Your choice of the word dangerous is interesting.

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I didn’t think Shutterfly and Google Photos get a license to use all photos uploaded in any manner they please, and I’m also not aware that they run facial recognition scans on all faces.

But dangerous, yes. Here are a few examples from my circle of people:

*A relative is on an assassination list of a radical right-wing group. In one of their death threat emails, they had photos of my niece and nephew walking to school. Seems one of the members used Facebook to find other relatives and stalked the kids.

*A nurse friend had similar things happen because patients or their families didn’t like a diagnosis. The threats she receives always include photos of her kids or details of activities her kids are part of.

*Multiple people I know who have escaped from abusive domestic situations. Facebook’s policies allow them to be easily tracked down.