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Pinewood Derby Track

Any suggestions what to do with an old wooden track and it’s just a track - no electronics or start/finish line?

Whitney - if there is an issue of storage, then send it on its way to the recycling center. I gather you have a new track that replaces it. You could also donate it to a youth center of some sort.

Give it to another pack that may want it. Give it to a church. Give it to a Girl Scout unit (yes, we can be nice to them). Set it up at Pinewood Derby for an “open” division race… give it to a car dealership… use it in a parade… give it to the Council for their day camp…

If we had an old track I’d use it at recruitment events. I’d get those lego car bases and let kids build lego cars to race down the track, or even use hot wheels or old/donated pinewood derby cars.

Whitney - as you can see there could be an unlimited use for a classic pinewood derby track… heck most folks have never even heard of or experienced a pinewood derby…

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