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PLC Meeting Times

Traditionally we have held PLC on the Monday after the Monthly Campout. More experienced SPLs would often plan 2 or 3 months at one PLC to limit them in the future.

I had the idea this week, why not have it at the campout itself? There is always some downtime which the Scouts complain about in Start/Stop/Continue (that is when I remind them it is their job to plan things.) - Has anyone tried having PLCs at a Campout? Want some opinions before I even mention idea to SPL.

My troop has tried that a couple of times, with varying levels of success. If the SPL has a plan for what he wants to get done it can go well, but there can be other distractions also.
The downside is really no different than a PLC meeting at home - if not everyone goes on the trip, someone feels left out of the decisions made by the council.
If your troop’s campouts tend to attract additional adults (committee members, parents) then that can be a distraction from the autonomy that the PLC needs too.

Yeah who makes any PLC is who makes that PLC - case closed. On Adults they know or I inform them, I (SM) am only one at table, and I am not at table but behind SPL. If SPL needs an adult for something they ask the adult for input.

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A local troop holds a PLC campout for the semi Annual Planning Conference and has found that quite successful. Besides staying well out of the way and being barely seen and not heard, adults prep meals while the PLC runs ILST as well as go on a hike, fish, whatever they decide on.


@Christopher.Schuster NICE - we do something similar - Every Oct we camp at our Hut - it is our Webelos Invite - Our Charter (Baylor) has a Ropes Course there - so we do Ropes with Webs - and one of the Events is Annual Planning for Troop - so Webs get to help plan the next year (and hopefully say why am I not joining them?) LOL


This is a most excellent idea. Most excellent.

I shall abandon the Oath and Law and steal it. I know a particular SPL who could be guided into thinking it was his idea after a long conversation.


It’s benchmarking, not stealing. :grin:


why do Scouts complain about downtime? isn’t that supposed to be one of the best part of camping?

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As with so many other things, it depends…

We only get so much outside time every month, so having a campout with too much down time seems like we’re stealing the advancement opportunities from some boys because others didn’t want to make a plan and stick to it.

no one can steal a Scout’s advancement opportunities. they better complain to their PLs if that’s what they think.

You’re misreading what I’m saying. There’s only so much camping time in a year. If we don’t make sure the time is used well, then many advancements are really tough to come by.

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The opposite problem just happened for my troop - camping out on a beautiful day yesterday, and a group of scouts had self-organized to play a card game. SPL was pulled aside and asked “don’t some of these Scouts need some advancement work?” Shortly thereafter a group of 11-year-olds was out identifying trees en route to a geocache. I came upon them to contribute clarification on the identification of poison ivy, which is bursting forth right now.

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