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Please add the Recruiter Award/Summer Time Award for Lions!

My middle son became a lion immediately after his 5th birthday in May, and has been putting in some work ever since. I’d like to see him recognized for getting classmates to join and participating in pack events all summer.

Please open these awards up for the lions!


As irrational as it sounds, the guidance that SUAC has gotten from the BSA (if I recall correctly) was that the Recruiter strip and the National Summertime Award are for Tigers and up. The best folks to lobby for a change on this are likely the folks at awardsinsignia@scouting.org, which is where proposals for a new award would go. In principle, it seems like expanding the scope of who can earn an existing award would go to the same folks. There’s a form for proposing new awards here: https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/512-506_WEB.pdf Presumably you would use the same form to propose modifications to an existing award.


The other thing to remember is that Lions can’t join until August 1st, so that makes them ineligible for the Summer Time Award, since they won’t have activities for June or July.

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We recently heard Lions can earn the Recruiter award. We have added this to the backlog but do not know when it will be scheduled for implementation.


@MichaelTrotochaud - My council appears to allow Lions to register as soon the the pre-K school year (or what would have been the pre-K school year had they attended pre-K) concludes. I’ve registered Lions before August 1 of the year the begin kindergarten with paper applications and had no trouble.

I’ve seen inconsistent information about the August 1 date, and it is possible this is a legacy from the August 1, 2018 official launch of the Lion program. Clearly, before that date, Lions was a pilot program. It may be that the August 1 date is still hanging around from that.

As @DanPare noted above, he was able to register his son a a Lion in May.

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The National Summertime Pack Award has not been updated with a Lion award and scoutshop.org only has pins for Tiger, Wolf, Bear and Webelos…

I have had lions join my pack as early as June for the past two years. While there is no award available of the new lions I do award them a patch for being active with us during the summer. I do the same thing for Shooting Sports.

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Scoutbook only supports official awards. If the BSA expands the National Summertime Pack Award to Lions, it will be added at that time.

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@PeterHopkins If councils are doing this, I’d hope that BSA would at least put something out that says it is okay, or that it isn’t.

@MichaelTrotochaud - I agree. The lack of clarity in communication is frustrating. That’s been the case as long as I can remember.

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