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Please help get rid of one account for my scout

I have used Scoutbook for a long time to track my sons scouting. Our troop refuses to use it for tracking and never updates. At some point he was assigned a new account in our troop and his bsa member number is in that account. I am unable to delete that account and all his camping records and frost points and all info I have saved is in the account with no member number. I try to enter it and it says that number is being used. I want to delete the account with no photo that has no info for camping and stuff.


I have looked at both of your son’s Scoutbook accounts. Neither account is showing me any activity log data. I will have to check with the developers to see if he has activity log data in the legacy logs that they can migrate to the new log format and place it on the account with the BSA Member ID.

The account you should be using to record his advancement is the one with the BSA Member ID. This has all of his advancement properly recorded.

The one with member id is missing much info as our troop doesn’t use it.

Please try to find his camping info. I used the app before BSA bought it and I can’t get the frost point info back!

If I have to switch everything from the account that we have always logged in he looses all the stuff we’ve kept track of. The one with the photo is the account I have had all along. BSA created the new one.


My view of the database does not show me photos so I can’t tell which account this is. All I can tell you is that currently, the account with his BSA Member ID is the one where all of his advancement data resides. When you click on his name from your Scoutbook login, there is a ScoutUserID in the URL. The account I see the advancement data is 214765.

I have asked the development team to try to locate his legacy activity log data.

Actually it’s missing several things, I am trying to add them one by one. Our advancement chair doesn’t use Scoutbook and hasn’t entered many things like toten chip, fire chit, religious knot, there’s so much missing there that he’s received. I will try to catch it up and then delete the account I’ve used for years.

I really hope you find his frost points as I only tracked those here.


Please do not make any additional changes at this time. We are trying to figure out what has happened in the database so we need it to remain stable with respect to your son.

Since you are a unit admin, please go to the troop page, Export/Backup the legacy activity logs. Find your son then give us the number in the first column. This is the Scoutbook User ID that holds the data.

Since no one uses it but me and Knox Crouch, Knox is only one listed. Johns account that I have kept all records in was never in the troop I guess. I am hoping to teach Scoutbook to the other parents and since they are starting after the change over they won’t have this issue. I faithfully recorded everything in the other account.
This makes me very sad to lose the camping logs.

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I can see only things knoxs mom has added. The account of my sons won’t let me open anything is says he’s not in the troop.

@SandraRongish I sent you a private message.

Yes please do. I’m hoping to save his camping and frost points. I made the account and didn’t use his member id. this was before BSA bought it. Once they added our whole troop there was a new account but I’d always used the other.

I share your pain…I was an involved parent and helped my Cub Scout log all his camping/hiking events. Then when I become an Admin for the Cub Scout Pack, I was entering this for many of the Scouts. After he crossed into Boy Scouts, he was assigned a new BSA ID, which the Troop doesn’t really use, and none of his awards, ranks, etc carried over. So disheartening to see all those empty fields.

And yes, I realize the Scout is responsible for keeping his/her own logs in their Scout Book, but this was a great resource and quick calculation in case one or both of us needed to access it quickly.

Scoutbook is awesome too, if they loose the paper book(which every scout should have!) they have back up… I also like seeing % completed, the scout can see that amd see progress…

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