Please merge account profiles

@ScottAschenbeck JR ASM is a Youth position. He needs to fill out an Adult application and Turn in CBC Form to become an adult leader and turn it into unit

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ok thanks! much appreciated.

Need the following accounts merged due to a scout moving from Chicago to Houston:

Merge to:
BSA ID - 14158228
User ID - 12361882
unit - Troop 424 B
council - Sam Houston Area

BSA ID - 133451267
User ID - 6077918
unit - Troop 401 B
council - Pathway to Adventure

Good evening. I am trying to merge two accounts. I would like to make 14171255 my primary and 133543131 as my secondary.

Would it be possible to merge them so that it will keep all my training in one account?

I also have a third account when I was a youth scout but do not know what that number is.

Thank you.

@SamuelRandolph This should be fixed now.

I would recommend that the Scout or Scout’s family double-check his date of birth, because the DOB was different between the 2 BSA member numbers.

I had two BSA id’s and council tried their best to help. They had me merge them, then I lost everything. They worked all day to get my info back and fix it. Progress was made as I only have one BSA ID now and my info, training and positions are back but I now have two Scoutbook user id’s so I show up everywhere twice. Is this fixable? BSA ID 125980162 with correct user ID 8884490. Same BSA ID with incorrect user ID 12369634. Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

@KristineByrne that is fixed

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@JamesWinstead1 I sent you a private message.

You are a wise, talented and powerful man. Thank you Donovan!

@JenniferOlinger Thanks so much for your help in the past! I have another request now since you were so awesome before. I have a scout whose parents told us he wanted to join our pack. I failed to ask if he’d ever been involved in scouting before registering. :woman_facepalming:t3: Of course he was previously involved, so when he registered he was assigned a new BSA ID. Can you merge his old and new for me? I’d like to keep just the new one since he’s active with our pack and not the old pack. His new BSA ID is 14121607 with corresponding USER ID 11948079. His old BSA ID is 13897181. Thank YOU for all that you do to help US!!!

@ShannonHowell Everything already looks good from a scoutbook perspective. When he registered with your unit, it found the existing record and changed the member number to the new one.

@ShannonHowell It looks like the Scout has active registrations under both BSA member numbers in the same council (two different packs). I would recommend talking to your local council about combining the Scout’s registrations under a single BSA member number.

  • 13897181
  • 14121607

Hello @JenniferOlinger ,

I also have two accounts that need merged. I have a cub scout attached to one and info for the Boy Scout troop attached to the other.


Can you assist me with the merger of these MemberIDs?
Thank you!

I have two accounts that need to be merged.

BSA: 13337807 ID: 10092674 is the newest but has the wrong email address. Leader cannot access the email account listed.

BSA: 13070765 ID: 139799 is the oldest but has the correct email address.

Thank you

Jennifer, can you please help with this?

@ValerieHubert that is fixed in SB

@RebeccaBarry that is fixed - user needs to use the login leader(firstname) and password - NOT email

@RebeccaBarry also users can change their own emails - but I fixed this one

@RobinVanDyke I sent you a private message.

I am having a duplicate account issue that my council has not been able to fix.

Member 127768716, user 102553 is my primary ID and has all of my scoutbook data.
Member 137220332, user 12393495 has my positions.

If I switch to 137220332 as primary in myscouting, I lose all of my scoutbook data. If I keep with 127220332, I do not have unit myscouting tools and my positions do not verify in scoutbook.

Would I merge fix this? Or can my member id be updated under user 102553? I spent 20 minutes on the phone with council without resolution.