Please merge account profiles

That’s a question for your new council.

They have not been helpful in getting any answers for this transfer scout. Who / what position would that be? Previous forum notes above noted he would be refunded.

Typically, I would reach out to the registrar and explain the issue (transfer scout vs new).

The BSA has taken the position that the forums here should only be answering technical questions, not “policy” ones. Refunding of fees charged isn’t tech support, so it must be a question for council.

To be clear, I think this directive was short-sighted by the BSA, but they didn’t ask my opinion before implementing the change. :⁠^⁠)

Council is the only ones that can help you resolve this.

@CraigStachewicz Try contacting your council Registrar.

This is done. I also merged duplicate accounts for the dad. I’d suggest that the dad check his dad of birth as they were slightly different between the two.

Note for the future that an application through beascout should have found the existing registration and saved some of the trouble. Maybe you already know that, and that’s implied when you said said he had to create a new account. I did not that the dad’s account had an invalid email address. His old council could have corrected that for him.

Thank you. I’m still getting the error message that there is another user with the same email address, is there something I can do to fix that?

@SandraKerfoot It was your children. I removed it, but I can’t guarantee it won’t come back.

Still need help here…

@JamesMayled will look at it

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@JamesMayled ok the second one is the better one for the parent - see if they know their username and password - they have used it as recently as 9/10/22 - that needs to be their log in - not their email. Once we know they can get in SB that way we can fix it
NOTE: users 12602938 & 12623286

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@DonovanMcNeil the parent verified that they have successfully logged in using the profile they created on my.scouting during initial registration (using a username that is not their email address), and that they can view 14446724 and 14446740 but not 14446638 under this login.

@JamesMayled this is fixed - parent needs to login to SB - I do not see a log in there on the accounts I see

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I have an ASM that is showing up in our troop roster with a BSA number of 13928007, however, she logs into and ScoutBook with the BSA number 125766637 (SB user id 7480441). Can these numbers along with her training records be merged?

many thanks!

@TeriLamprey This is a case where a leader has active registrations in 2 different councils.

Hi Jennifer.
So how does that work? We are getting notified that her YPT is expired, but she is up to date. Any idea how we should proceed? I believe she is technically part of 2 troops and 1 venturing crew. Any advice is appreciated.


She should start by using manage member ID in my.scouting to add her other member number to her account. That should put the twinning on both. Whichever one is primary is the one that will be accessible in scoutbook with her username.

Thanks @jacobfetzer. I’ll pass this along and hope it works.
Have a great night!

I have two accounts that need to be merged. When I was originally given access to Scoutbook, I believe I was assigned BSA ID: 13286452. However, when I officially joined BSA to become a Den Leader, I see my assigned is BSA ID: 133625835. I need my SB User ID: 1242299 to reflect my Den Leader status associated with my new BSA ID while retaining my connections to my children and their respective pack and troop.

Hi Donovan.
Would you be able to help merge two of my accounts?
KEEP: Anna Zoromski SB User ID: 9765153 BSA Member ID: 132386363
Merge with the above: Anna Zoromski-Linde” SB User: 1338199 BSA Member ID: 13752228

I’ve been trying to merge these for two years. Would love if you can help.