Please merge account profiles

@JenniferOlinger Thank you! Your response in 13 minutes is a pleasant change from days to weeks in other venues.

I have texted him. It may be tonight before he can try it.

I have two SB ID’s and two BSA ID’s. I’m assuming one from when I was a youth scout to the one from me being an adult leader. Can these be merged?

SB ID 12217976 and the BSA ID is 7058938 (associated with my Eagle Scout and YPT Training was done here)
SB ID 12065255 and the BSA ID is 14114312 (the ID that my pack has assigned me as a Den Leader)

@ErichSpaeth that is fixed

I need to merge several accounts:

Please merge: BSA Member ID: 14563548 and SB User ID: 12700710
to this account: BSA Member ID: 14567097
For some reason, there are three accounts for one scout. The only active one is the one they need merged to.

Please merge: SB User ID: 12700714
to this account: BSA Member ID: 14459958

@JenniferBuchanan1 those are fixed

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Leader with two accounts:

She is a parent to one of the Scouts and has two BSA#s. She is also a Committee Member, with a SB User ID. She took recently took YPT and may have created a new BSA #.

The original BSA # 130922166 is correctly associated with her Son’s account, but does not have the YPT associated with it. I could not locate a USER ID for the original account. The second account, which is shown under the adult Roster, has User ID: 12319512 and BSA # 133846370 and an associated YPT.

Would it be possible to combine the second account into the original account along with the updating or associating the completed YPT to the correct account?
Getting ready for recharter and this is my only issue.

Thank you in advance.

@MarkCorbett this is fixed the way it needs to be

She still shows up on my Scoutbook roster and my IA roster with the second BSA #. What should I do?

the second one is her registered one

So she will have to retake the YPT? Thanks for the help!

No, it looks like her training has already merged (although you might need to wait overnight before you can see it).

Awesome Thanks. You guys do a great job.

We recently moved states and now my son now has two member IDs.

Old council’s BSAID 125277542 / SBID 1175029 shows his rank advancement (AOL, Eagle, Quartermaster)

New counci’s BSAID 14755482 / SBID 12458213 shows no advancement details.

How can we get the two profiles merged so the new council’s BSAID shows his advencement details?

@SteveBratton this is all done - but it looks like council never approved QM Rank

Thanks, Donovan. Any idea how to get his QM approved in the system?

Well council would need to do it - BUT old council would not now have access, so new council would need to do it. I think what I would do, is get documentation from old council on it, then take it to new council

Thanks, again. The old council only has the one Ship and this was their second QM so they had a lot of unknowns on how to manage the Sea Scout program. I’ll see what I can do on our side; thanks for the pointer.

@DonovanMcNeil Would you also be able to merge my wife’s and my SB profiles as well?

Old BSAID 125277543 – New BSAID 14770727
Old BSAID 125368953 – New BSAID 14770738

Neither of the first ones is in Scoutbook

Hello, I have this same issue, can someone help me merge my two accounts?
old id: 13511267
new Id: 13670064
Thank you for your help!