Please merge account profiles

Hi - I have a parent in my Pack who created two accounts by mistake and is having issues logging in. Could you merge the two IDs below?

14218427 - has the correct email adddress

Thank you in advance!

@ChrisTuthill I do not see the second number

@DonovanMcNeil my apologies, the new ID should be 136700634
Thank you

@ChrisTuthill that is done

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@NicholasPedersen1 It looks like the parent has 2 user names at my.scouting:

e-mail address
Google sign in

If she uses the Google one, she needs to log in with the “Sign in with Google” button, Google name, and Google password.


They did clean it up back to the old number a few days ago and the training records have synced as they anticipated. Unfortunately I don’t see any connection with the Pack I am registered to as Committee Chair. Any ideas?

@JamesNewman_II you have wrong MID as Primary

@JamesNewman_II This should be fixed. You had the wrong BSA member number set as primary at my.scouting (Manage Member ID).

Thank you both for your help. I’m still very new to all things scoutbook.

I also need two Scoutbook accounts merged. One parent somehow has two accounts:

The preferred account User ID is 13438094.
The other account User ID is13437597.

@JenniferSpindor THAT is fixed

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I also need two Scoutbook accounts merged. I am the Lion Den Leader and somehow ended up with two IDs.
Member ID 14413620
Member ID 14593553

The one I am able to log into is 14593553 so I think that should be the primary

@MarkAndoni that is fixed

I also need my accounts merged, please. The correct one should be 14778338, but I also have 14718011 and 12779264. One is tied to my email address and the other is just firstname.lastname, so I don’t know which is correct. I also have a BSA scout that I’d like to be able to see in addition to my Cub Scout. His id is 133506187. Thanks!

@AshleyAnwiler that second # is no good and I do not see another one - we will keep the firstname.lastname log in (system does not like email log ins).

Awesome! Thanks so much. Is there an easy way for me to add my other son? I added my email to his account, but can’t figure out how to see his stuff from my account.

navigate to My Account → My Connections then click the “Connect to Scout as Parent/Guardian” near the top of the page. The parent will need the Scout’s BSA Member ID, last name and date of birth to connect.

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I need someone to help me figure out this mystery I just found. :slight_smile:
So, My husband and me have leadership positions in 2 units, each one of them in different councils. So we have a member ID with one council and another member ID for the other council.

I was told that these Ids cannot be merge in SB since they are both serving different councils.

When my husband logs in in Scoutbook he doesn’t have the issue I have. He can see our 2 kids connected to his only SB account, and can see the units from both councils in his only SB account. As same, as all his positions since he started in Scouting, and the positions for the second council.

Me in the other hand, have 2 SB accounts, same email, same password, but to be able to connect to one unit or the other I need to constantly change my primary member ID in my.scouting to have access to the unit I need to. I also had to add my 2 accounts to my kids’ connections to have access to both of them no matter what member ID is primary on my.scouting.

Now, I found that I have two different SB id numbers, while my husband has one SB id number with all his positions from all units in one place.

Is there any way to merge those two SB id numbers?
One SB id number is 2439198 which was my original account since I started in Scouting.
The other SB id number is 12396145 which was created when I multiple transfer to the troop with the other council this past May.

My husband SB id number is 9156111 for your reference. Let me know if you need our BSA id numbers.

Thank you!

Can you please merge the following?

current: 131548667
Other: 13191680

We can merge them, and it’ll at least temporarily give you everything under one scoutbook account, but it’s likely to get screwed up every year with recharter (both). Still want us to? If so, set your my.scouting primary member number to the one you want as primary, and let us know when you’re ready.