Please merge account profiles

That’s what I thought but let’s try it. Member primary Id has been set on my.scouting. The account with a profile picture should be the primary. Thank you!

I can’t see pics on my end. Which unit number is that one with?

T-939 has a picture on my end. P-525 doesn’t have a pic on my end. Maybe is vice versa on your end? Because the one with the pic was with P-525 originally, but then when I multiple transferred to T-939 everything transferred over there including my profile pic, and a new SB account was magically created for P-525. I know a whole mess. LOL

This is done @scouter_marisol

Thank you so much! You are the best!

Hi, I just joined and have two scouts.
My SB ID is 12790049
Can I get my two scouts merged onto my ID? Their IDs are 12831474 and 12831477?

OK @BillyWang that is fixed - you v*****society username will survive for use

Perfect, it worked, thank you.

Please merge BSA ID 14706439 & 14664508 . I had her register online and she still managed to create two accounts for herself somehow.

I also have another parent BSA ID 14250379 and 14311335. The parent took YPT under account 14250379. This parent is having issues with RSVPing in scoutbook for himself but can rsvp for his scout.

Thank you for all you do. We appreciate it.@jenniferolinger

Requesting help getting my account merged (12810416 and 2659172): I have been registered as an adult leader in my new council, I am a Key Role member in the Pack as well as a Den Leader. I continue to have problems with my account since they created a duplicate account for me. Would sincerely appreciate help getting my accounts merged / fixed.

Thank you for the help! I have another Scout that was entered with 2 profiles requesting help with: 12900725 and 12385607. Thank you for the help resolving these duplicate entries!

Hi. My husband has two accounts. Can someone please help me with merging them? Both are using (e-mail removed by Moderator)

@BrendanEvans Do you still need access to your former council?

@SandraKerfoot This should be fixed.

@BrendanEvans This Scout’s Scoutbook accounts have been merged.


I have a leader (Keith VB) with multiple accounts. His YPT was done on an account that does not match his BSA ID on my roster. I asked him to log in to and add the BSA ID from my roster to his account, but it is telling him that the account number does not exist. I don’t know how to proceed without help.

The 2 BSA IDs are:
13736224 - User’s login account with YPT done
111232303 - User’s BSA ID on my troop roster

Could you please help merge these accounts? I’m trying to complete our troop recharter and appreciate your help! (As a troop admin and a troop committee chair, is there no way for me to manage this myself? I have not found one.)

Brian Archer

@BrianArcher I sent you a private message.

Could you help me too, I can usually figure stuff out but I have a scout who transferred into the troop and his parents never used scoutbook but has an account. Neither parent can see their scout

Scout book user ID
Scout- 1980840
Dad - 1289770
Mom - no number

@ConstanceGonsalves These should be fixed.

Thank you, I will ask them to log in and check.

YIS, Connie