Please merge duplicate accounts

I seem to have 2 scoutbook accounts.
Could you please merge my “training” account which was accessed through “log in with google” to my main “parent” account which uses an e-mail and log in password.

Keep: 13157006
Add training information from: 14205545

Thank you!

It is going to need to be the other way - the system does not like email log ins really. So let me look

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If that is what is necessary that is fine. I just want my go-by name (Cheryl Cooperstein) is what shows rather than my legal name (Cheryl Levine Cooperstein).

Hopefully council approves my application soon so I can get my den leader stuff on.

And I want to make sure I’m linked to my 3 kids in 874 C.-Webelos 7, E.-Wolf 10, and A.-Lion 2.


Thank you for merging the two accounts to 14205545

Is there any way to have the name changed to Cheryl Cooperstein (or put the Levine as a middle name or something that won’t be shown). As a den leader, I don’t want to confuse parents with a hyphenated last name and just want to go by my family name.


@CherylCooperstein That is something you will need to work out with your local council Registrar.

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