Please Remove OA Member ID from Member Profiles

In member profiles, there is a section for OA Member ID. On 9/21/2022, the following OA policy change was announced:

"Effective February 3, 2023


OALM ID will be removed from all screens in the LodgeMaster Lodge Client. BSA Person ID will be added in any place where OALM ID was visible and BSA Person ID was not already visible.
OALM ID will not be available in the member grid, built-in reports/filters, the member editor, or anywhere else currently available in the LodgeMaster Lodge Client. 
BSA ID will replace OALM ID as a single ID between the BSA and the OA. Everyone must be a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America to be an Arrowman thus there is not a need for a separate ID." 

Given this change by the OA, the OA Member ID should be removed from IA member profiles by February 23, 2023.

Chuck Olson
Unit Relations Adviser
Egwa Tawa Dee Lodge

We would need that direct from National OA Staff to IT @CharlesOlson

That might take a while. There currently is no National OA staff. Both positions are vacant.

@CharlesOlson See DM