Please stop moving from sb to ia

I’m a long time user of SB and over the last couple of years, the “upgrades” that have been added have caused me more work and makes it harder to use what used to be a fantastic tool.
For example, recently I discovered that profiles moved to IA. Now when I need to look up a parent or scout’s address, I can’t just access it quickly. Everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) that is in IA takes forever to load.
Another example is how easy and nice the camping and hiking inputs were in the old SB system. IA makes it confusing and it takes a long time to load.
As a software developer, I can understand the desire to “refresh” or make something look a bit better, but you should never make steps backwards with an upgrade. Please consult with actual users before adding new “features” and make sure that performance does not suffer.
Thank you

I second everything here!

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