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Polar Bear Badge

Is it still possible to get the Polar Bear badge for my cub scouts? We camped out last weekend in snow and freezing cold. Our Organization Rep said at one point this badge was available if requested through the Council.

@DebraHuff - well then since you posted in a national forum I in NJ would not have the slightest clue about your quest.

Debra, you would need to contact your council and find out if there is a council polar bear award. There is no polar bear award at the national level. Your pack could also create its own polar bear patch or award.

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Sorry guys I did not realize this was a national site.


Debra, please feel free to ask questions! :sunglasses:


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National should have a Cub Scout cold weather award.

We’ve had Scouts get snowed on during their very first campout. In April.

Maybe a Webelo cold camping award. I think snow camping is a bit to intense for lion, tiger cubs, and bears considering they are not even in 5th grade yet.

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