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Polish Interpreter Strip

Good Morning All,

I am looking to locate a Polish Interpreter strip at a different Scout store. I am located in Columbus, GA and was told by our local Scout Shop, that we would have to order them custom. Which come in a MOQ of 12. I do not need 12 and highly doubt this area will ever use that many up so our Unit would have to pay out of pocket.

What would be the best way to connect with some other Scouters and see if maybe one of there shops might still have some of these available? We are more than willing to pay for 1 and the shipping to get it here.

Any help or insight would be appreciated on this.

@KeelyGonzalez - the scout shops generally have what is available from scoutshop.org so in checking there I do not find Polish as an available choice.

They told us that a few with a more populous group of polish speaking communities may have some in their stores.

I’m just not sure how to even go about doing the leg work to find one.

Posting here in the forums as you have is a great start.

If you want Scout store phone numbers, go to Scoutbook > Directory > BSA Councils. Choose a council - there are 262 listed - and choose a scout shop. Some have more than one shop. Good luck.

If you find some, please post details for future reference.

When I used to work for the scout shop if I remember right the minimum order for a custom interpreter strip was 2. If it is a regularly produced strip there should be no minimums on the order other than maybe for shipping cost. If it is produced already and they are giving you trouble contact Marcus at the houston scout shop and he will be able to help you out.

I agree that the minimum order on custom interpreter strips is 2. I believe it was in a Bryan on Scouting article within the past few years.

Maybe a non-national Scout Shop has a minimum order quantity of 12. If you order directly from National Supply by phone, they will probably make only 2 for you.

If you’re looking for a Scout Shop that might have them, try Greater New York Councils. At any given time, roughly 35% of the people who live in New York City were born outside the United States. Just about every language is spoken there, and there is a great Polish restaurant in the East Village. I attended many roundtable planning meetings there.

It might be worth calling Scout Shops in Chicago. Chicago has the second largest Polish speaking population of any city in the world - second only to Warsaw - so if scouts are earning this badge, it’ll be in the Chicago area.
Here are the numbers to some local Scout Stores. I have Polish speaking family near all these places. If any Scout Store in America has Polish interpreter strips, it will be one of these ones.

Chicago (312) 738-3324
LaGrange, Il (312) 421-8800
Arlington Heights, Il (312) 421-8800
Munster, IN (219) 200-5462

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Might be worth trying the scout shop in Detroit too. Detroit has an enclave called Hamtramck, used to be called Poltown. Big Polish community.

@KeelyGonzalez - I can also try our scout shop, but had it been the prior George Washington Council it may have been better as Trenton has a large polish enclave.

Cross reference:

^ Language Interpreter Skill Identification

I see that others have suggested Scout Shops in places with large Olish populations, including someone listing the telephone number for the Chicago Scout Shop.

Perfect! When I needed Polish interpretor strips and had the same bad news from National Supply (even a setup charge!) I remembered Chicago and called them— and a few days later had the two I needed!


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