Position Manager page crashes

*1) Hardware: Desktop
*2) Operating system= Win 11
*3) Browser=Chrome Version 111.0.5563.111
*4) Problem exists after clearing cache AND in Incognito mode
*5) Member (me): Jeffry Russell #126522577, Capitol Area Council (564)

Problem: Organization Manager opens correctly, but when I open “Position Manager”, the web page crashes to the “We are sorry something when wrong.” (As a side issue, the “Report Error” button does nothing.) I can open all the other subtools in Org. Manager (Settings, Roster, etc.).
This error behavior is consistent for Chrome and Edge browsers. It also happens from different desktop computers. I also see this error for both organizations for which I am a Key 3 member.
When the Position Manager page starts to load, I see the “Key 3” title printed, and then it crashes before names are display or anything else loads.

@RonaldBlaisdell any ideas?

It may have been a temporary issue, as I was able to access everything with no problems.

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