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Position Manager tab on Organization Manager page

As of 04/27/2021, an update was made to the process of setting functional positions in a unit by using the “Position Manager” tab on the “Organization Manager” page. This update allows a COR to change adult registrations/positions. It appears updates cannot be saved unless a minimum of two leaders are assigned as a “New Member Coordinator.” The Position Manager tab does not allow the two “New Member Coordinators” to remain as “Committee Members”, of which there must be two. Our troop has six registered adults. Unless a COR is also the Committee Chairperson, a troop must have seven registered adults before any updates can be saved using the Position Manager tab. I was not aware that a troop was required to have two adults assigned as a “New Member Coordinator”. This appears to be a discrepancy/bug in the programming logic. How can I (as COR) now make position updates?

I am seeing that behavior too, even before clicking Save. There are some issues that evidently remain and this seems like one. The registration guidebook still indicates either two committee members or a committee member and new member coordinator as required. I know of no policy requiring 2 new member coordinators. Hopefully we’ll see these issues addressed over the next few days.

@MaryAustin2 The issue you noted is already being worked by BSA IT.

This appears to be addressed at least for troops when I looked and tried today.

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