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Position of Chaplain

Is the Chaplin position a voting committee position? I have a Chaplin and when I make a committee meeting she doesn’t come up so I’m guessing it’s not…


In the Troop Committee Guidebook, 2018 printing, p. 24, the Chaplain is shown as a member of the Troop Committee with voting rights. The unit chaplain appears to be registered as unit chaplain (212, with fee). Or perhaps in another position with the unit chaplain (115, no fee) functional code

Unit Religious Emblem Coordinator

The Religious Emblem Coordination (REU) is also a member of the unit committee. If the Chaplain and Religious Emblem Coordinator are the same person a “multiple registration” (no additional fee) is required for the REU position, and I believe the person would only have one vote on the committee.

Religious Emblems Counselor

The unit chaplain may also be registered at the district (or council) level as a Religious Emblems Counselor (43). That position by itself does not normally have voting rights.

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IMHO 1 person = 1 vote, regardless of the number of positions they hold. But, that really should be specified in your unit bylaws. Our bylaws establish a quorum for binding decisions, and veto power for the CC and COR, among other details about operating the troop committee.

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Religious Position and Functional Codes

Registration rules per Registration Guidebook, July 2019

My comment: Code assignment and whether a fee is required appears to be inconsistent in the Registration Guidebook, July 2019.

No-Fee-Required Registrations, p. 14

Merit badge counselors, STEM Nova counselors, and religious emblem coordinators are registered adult leader positions that require a completed BSA adult application, Youth Protection training, and a criminal background check, but no registration fee is required unless they choose to pay to receive Scouting magazine.


Code - Description

Council Scouter Position, p. 24

  • REC - Council religious emblems coordinator
  • 214 - Council chaplain

District Scouter Position, p. 24

(not listed - see position code list)

POSITION CODE LIST - Alphabetical by Description

Code - Description - Fee Required?

Unit Positions, p.36

  • 212 - Unit Chaplain - Y
  • REU - Unit Religious Emblems Coord - Y

Unit Functional Positions, p. 36

  • 115 - Unit Chaplain - N

Council and District Positions, p. 37

  • 214 - Council Chaplain - Y
  • REC - Council Religious Emblems Coord - Y
  • 213 - District Chaplain - Y
  • RED - District Religious Emblems Coord - Y
  • 43 - Religious Emblems Counselor - N

I wasn’t thinking about multiple votes for any one person. Just whether or not Chaplin had a vote. thanks everybody

Religious Emblems COUNSELOR

  1. The Religious Emblems Counselor is a District Scouter. The position can be confused with Religious Emblem Coordinator who is also a District Scouter. Here is a short description from a pre-2010 website page:

Religious Emblems Counselors

Counselors are generally trained adult Scouters who have committed themselves to working with youth to help them to gain a deeper understanding of their faith by walking them through a series of prepared classes. - Counselors should be trained in the religious emblem that they would like to teach.

  1. Is there a supplemental qualifications form that needs to be attached to the Adult Application?

  2. Anyone know what the application procedure is and where it can be found? I am assuming something similar to the procedure used for merit badge counselor:

    a. Qualifications vetted by the District (or Council) Religious Emblem Coordinator
    b. Approved by the council Scout Executive

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