Posting Multiple Meeting Dates Once

As it is, right now, if you want to enter the Troop’s meeting dates, in the calendar in Scoutbook, you need to enter them one at a time. There was a feature, in a past program, where you could enter one meeting date. After entering that information for the meeting you had an opportunity to choose any other date, either one date or multiple dates, in the calendar, where you wanted that information duplicated and it would be entered under those dates as well. You would only need to enter the meeting information once, in the calendar, and that same information would end up in all the other dates you choose as well without the need to enter the information many, many, many, many times.

Bob Rubin Troop 496 South Florida Council Seminole District

Hi, @RobertRubin,

This can be done using the Feature Assistant Extension for Chrome and Firefox. I know that this is in the request of improvements for the base program’s calendar, but we haven’t been given a list of features or timeline on its release.

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