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Price Increase for awards and uniforms

I received a note from one of my leaders that there will be prices increases on awards and uniforms effective March 8, 2021 for Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA.
Has anyone received any communications on this from your local Scout shop or national?

And the point is…

The point is things are already expensive enough. Hope it’s nominal.

Seems like a good warning to buy stuff before that


Yeah I get that. I have worked on the premise that the pack will provide the rank required items but beyond that recognize the others. It has never been cost effective for most of these things and honestly I am not a fan of excessive bling.

Other than the cost of doing business I am not certain that I would raise a fuss over it. I am still waiting for the price of gas to come back down to .27$ per gallon and a phone booth call to be .10$

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