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Printing blue cards marks scout in venture instead of troop


This bug was reported in July and marked as sent to developers It is still a problem - is there an ETA on a fix? We are switching to printing blue cards for most of our badges and this requires a fair amount of hand fixing the cards.


“When printing blue cards for my troop, if a scout is dual registered as Venturer, the blue card is defaulting to identifying them as a Venturer and their Venturing unit number, instead of my troop number. However, curiously, though they are identified as a Venturer, the blue card still reads “Troop” instead of “Crew” on the front.”


How was this reported? Did you send an e-mail to scoutbook.support@scouting.org? If so, please post the SSD number you received in an automated reply here so I can follow up with the development team.

It was reported in the forum in which someone said it was passed onto developers. I will happily file a ticket to scoutbook support as well.



No need to open a ticket. I was not able to find a previous report from you in the forums, maybe it was someone else.

I have reproduced the issue and made sure the developers are aware of the issue.

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